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Top Exterior Custom Home Trends For 2022

Rycon Bg

Business And Finance, Real Estate, Homebuyer

22 Jun, 2022 06:39 am visibility 53 | comment 0

For those of you who live in warmer climates, the weather can be much more flexible when it comes to the exterior of your home. The options are just as vast and varied as they are with custom-built homes in Melbourne , and this can be a great opportunity to add some fun and flair to your new space. If you’re building your home from scratch, here are some top exterior trends that will be popular in 2022 as per Custom Builders Melbourne that you might want to consider including on your property list.

Minimalist homes will rule the roost.

Today, a sleek and modern exterior is desirable, but in 10 years’ time, minimalism will be standard. Modern interiors are already limited in colour and design as many designers want homeowners to enjoy their space more by creating simple living spaces with enough room for your furniture to stand out. The ideas behind minimalist homes are being taken one step further with minimal exterior designs. A home that has little to no ornamentation means you don’t have to keep up with repairs or painting; there’s no reason for a bright red door if it doesn’t fit your personal style! If you like standing out from the crowd, then you might want to consider an eye-catching colour scheme or non-traditional designs.

Bold colours will become more common on exterior siding.

Brighter colours are definitely going to be a key trend in home design over time. Since they’re eye-catching, bright colours will be popular with homeowners and real estate agents. The colour palette will have more saturated shades in addition to monochromatic schemes that complement nearby houses. If you’re thinking about using colour on your exterior siding, it’s best to go bold and make sure that your house stands out from the neighbours!

Pools and spas will begin to blend in with their surroundings.

Pools and spas will no longer be rectangular structures but rather installations that emulate the beauty of their surroundings—no matter how natural or urban. A pool area that resembles a cliffside pool might include uneven edges and varying depths. Pool walls can be composed of natural stone or a combination of rocks, boulders, and water-worn rock to give them an authentic look. Custom builders Melbourne should embrace these more organic design concepts to allow homeowners to have a custom-built feature that seamlessly fits into their property. The main element should remain consistent among all custom homes, though: interiors with neutral tones, spacious living areas (with gorgeous views) and water features.

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Stacked stone veneer on walls is going to be huge.

Stone veneer has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for a good reason. It adds a rustic, natural aesthetic to any space, and it also creates a wall that is both beautiful and functional. While stone veneer is great on exterior walls, interior spaces benefit from them as well. Interior walls are usually less likely to be seen, but when you want to add an elegant touch to your living room or dining room, an interior stone veneer can really help complete your space with style. Plus if you’re working with a limited budget, stone veneer can be added without breaking it! Talk to one of our professional designers today about how a custom stone veneer could transform your home.



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